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Resene Woodsman Waterbourne

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Resene Woodsman Waterbourne

Resene Waterborne Woodsman is a waterborne woodstain matching the needs of timber to the desire to achieve the most natural appearance possible.

Designed for exterior timber in a wide range of colours.

Resene does not recommend clear stains on exterior timber as it does not provide sufficient protection for the timber against the weather.

Decorators will enjoy the quick and easy water clean up and the absence of the solvent fumes and VOCs associated with traditional solventborne stains.

Specialty Colours

Evergreen Dressed


Skywater Dressed


Pitch Black Dressed

Pitch Black

Iroko Dressed


Riverstone Dressed


Limed Gum Dressed

Limed Gum

Whitewash Dressed


Driftwood Solvent

Totem Pole Dressed

Totem Pole

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