Veneer Sustainability


Timber veneers is one of the most environmentally responsible choices you can make.

Timber Veneers (thin sheets of wood) is one of the most environmentally responsible choices you can make due to our advanced technology and cutting techniques we can derive up to a 1,000 slices per metre of log making it a highly efficient way of using our valuable forest resource.

Britton Timber Veneer Products is committed to the responsible use of the world’s natural and renewable resources. We take our wood procurement seriously & we only source timbers from internationally recognised certification systems. Britton Timbers Veneer Products sources its Tasmanian timbers from sustainably managed PEFC/ AFS certified forests.

Therefore, by selecting Timber Veneers for your next project, you are selecting a natural resource that is not only truly renewable, carbon positive and energy efficient but naturally beautiful as well.



Britton Timbers Veneer Products has gained Chain of Custody Certification under the AFS, PEFC and FTT certification programs. The Fine Timber Tasmania Chain of Custody system (CoC) aims to ensure that customers are supplied with products containing timbers that are legally obtained from a recognised forest source certified to the Australian Forestry Standard.

Chain of custody is an innovative and credible program that guarantees the exotic Tasmanian timber has been legally sourced from sustainable managed forests and represents a responsible purchase decision. Guaranteed.