Britton Timbers announced today that it will acquire the Specialty Veneers (incorporating Corinna Timbers) timber, veneer and panel processing facility at Somerset in North West Tasmania The acquisition includes the entire Somerset facility stock and ongoing supply contracts for Tasmanian Oak, Blackwood as well as small volumes of Huon Pine, Myrtle and Celery Top Pine.

Britton Timbers General Manager Shawn Britton says the acquisition aligns perfectly with the company’s ongoing strategies to produce quality decorative timber and timber products for the furniture and joinery industries, including meeting the increasing demand for natural timber products in commercial applications.


“The Somerset facility produces decorative veneers and veneered panels, primarily in Tasmanian Oak and Tasmanian Blackwood as well as small volumes of myrtle, huon pine, celery top pine and sassafras. The mill is operated by a highly skilled team of over 20 employees and we are thrilled to secure their employment and welcome them to the Britton Timbers team. Specialty Veneers has a loyal customer base that we will continue to supply with the same high-quality product they are used to and the mill’s current processing capacity will also be maintained.” said Mr Britton.

“When the opportunity to purchase the veneer processing facility presented itself, we jumped at it. The veneer and panel business is a very important asset to the entire Tasmanian forestry industry and the purchase signifies a strong and prosperous future for Tasmanian veneers” Mr Britton said.