Accoya’s outstanding performance in the most demanding applications provides users with versatility to produce their athletically pleasing timber designs.

Key Features & Benefits

Superior Coating Performance

Accoya® wood’s superior coatings performance is primarily due to its outstanding dimensional stability. This effectively means that major coating systems can be used on Accoya® with significantly improved performance.

With Accoya wood, swelling and shrinkage is reduced by 70-80% and the resultant more stable surface allows coatings to adhere better. Dimensionally stable wood improves coatings life as paints and other film-forming coatings are not subjected to severe stretch and shrink cycles. In the end, the result is decreased maintenance frequency

Class 1 Durability

As ‘Class 1’ suggests, this is simply the best level of durability possible in wood. Whilst some wood species are naturally durable, natural durability is known to be a variable and inconsistent property.

Accoya wood, on the other hand, is consistently durable. The properties of every batch are analysed by standard scientific measurements after modification, enabling its durability to at least match and even exceed the performance of nature’s most durable species, including teak.

Additionally, durable woods tend to be slower growing species, whereas Accoya is made using fast growing, sustainably forested radiata pine, so old growth forests are not threatened or depleted to create Accoya.

Excellent Machinability & Ease of Fixing

Accoya wood is easy to machine and process manually, creating no challenges for product manufacturers and end users. Accoya wood can be fixed in the same way as other commonly used softwood species. As with most durable woods, Accoya contains a small amount of acid. It is therefore strongly recommended that corrosion resistant fixings, such as high quality stainless steel, are used.

The manufacturing process does not compromise the wood’s strength. In fact, the hardness of the wood is increased and because Accoya wood has a high strength to weight ratio, it is suitable for challenging applications – even heavy traffic road bridges.

Extreme Conditions

Accoya wood has been tested over prolonged periods in all types of weathering conditions – above ground, below ground and in freshwater – and has been proven to withstand even the toughest and most challenging of environments. Even after a prolonged period of immersion, Accoya window frames operate smoothly, without jamming.

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