Sioo:x the natural coating for exterior timber, which weathers to a beautiful silver grey while protecting your timber from the elements.

SIOO:X is a totally unique product designed to minimise maintenance.

SIOO:X wood protection is a water-based impregnation system. It is based on proven silicate technology and natural products to give timber long life surface protection. Importantly it is completely safe, inert, and environmentally friendly.

It is manufactured in Sweden and consists of a two component system designed to interact and create this unique protection system.

SIOO:X provides a long-term weathered look without leaving timber unprotected.

  • Develops into an attractive weathered silver/grey look
  • Creates a surface more resistant to wear and weather
  • Long lasting in vertical applications (cladding) and horizontal applications
  • Helps prevent mildew and rot
  • Creates a surface more resistant to dirt and water whilst remaining vapour permeable
  • Reduces cracking and splintering


  • Penetrating – Non film-forming coating sits into the timber surface, which means superior performance and easier maintenance.
  • Natural – Plant-based active ingredients that are safe for people and the environment.
  • Red List Free – Free from Red List chemicals as required by the Living Building Challenge.
  • Water-borne – Water clean-up. No solvents required.
  • Low Maintenance – Extended re-coat period.

Weathering to silver-grey

Once the SIOO:X impregnation system has been applied, when exposed to moisture the mineral silicate in the impregnated timber substrate begins to cure by reacting with atmospheric carbon.

The result is that the timber surface is toughened and an even accelerated weathering takes place. This is a permanent change.

The weathering process is mostly moisture activated but exposure to UV does also play a role. To speed up the weathering process we suggest that following application of the two components and installation it is recommended watering the timber every 2 to 3 days for 3 to 4 weeks.

This will weather the timber to a silvery/grey, the process will then continue to develop over 12 to 24 months. Time taken will vary depending on the timber specie, exposure level, time of the year etc.

The cure rate is timber species and temperature dependent and will proceed very slowly in cold exterior conditions. Natural timber species show varying rates of curing to the point where a silver-grey nuance develops.

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