Sioo:x Wood Protection System (pronounced 'Cee Oh') is a ‘reactive’ coating system that creates a unique low maintenance protective barrier to timber, and a beautiful, natural silver-grey patina.

The patented formula is in both the base wood protection and the supplementary surface protection that penetrates, combines with the wood and produces a natural silver-grey shade.

It is designed to minimise the frequency of maintenance when compared to other semi-transparent coatings and over time it will weather to a silver-grey tone. Unlike any other coating system, it will weather evenly across all areas of a project regardless of exposure to the sun.

This will avoid the problem of an inconsistent and patchy look where some faces fade due to UV exposure and other faces don’t. The result is a timber with a beautiful and uniform grey-driftwood appearance, long life protection and less maintenance overall.

Forms a natural protective barrier extending timber life

Beautiful, uniform silver-grey driftwood-like surface patina

Protects against damaging UV, helps prevent mildew, mould and mild rot

Easy maintenance and water-based for easy wash-up

Strengthens and protects the surface of the timber

For exterior vertical and
horizontal surfaces

Made by Earth

The natural evolutionary process has shaped and created our environment, its unique solutions and structures providing us with an endless source of inspiration and learning. Sioo:x patented wood protection is the result of our having observed, imitated, and added to nature’s intelligent protection techniques.

Sioo:x essentially consists of a unique combination of silicon and potassium – two natural substances found all around us and which together create a natural shield similar to nature’s own wood protection.

Sioo:x Wood Protection is inspired by how nature protects itself using silicon. Trees and plants absorb silicic acid from the soil, which dissolves in water and is then transported in trunks and stalks, precipitating out in the organisms, and making them stronger.

This is the process that gives vitality to both aspens in Nordic forests and teak trees in the rainforest. And it’s the same silicon that makes straw and reeds strong and rigid. Silicon also preserves the wood. You can see this in trees with petrified wood, which can be found in many places around the world. The cellulose in these trees have been replaced by silicon, which has protected them against all types of weather for millions of years.

SIOO:X Project Gallery

Coverage Table

SIOO:X STEP 1 1 Ltr 8 2
5 Ltr 8 2
SIOO:X STEP 2 1 Ltr 10 1
5 Ltr 10 1
SIOO:X STEP 1 5 Ltr 8 2
SIOO:X STEP 2 5 Ltr 10 1
STEP 1 1 Ltr 8 1
STEP 2 1 Ltr 8 1

Application Notes


Timber Cladding (+Battens) pre-treated with SiOO:X can be purchased from Britton Timbers who have industrial factory coating equipment. Britton Timbers and partners are aware of the need to achieve good penetration of the SiOO:X treatment into the timber and that textured surfaces are essential. Our distributors and coating partners are able to process your timber with a factory application of SiOO:X Impregnation in compliance with Sioo application standards. Applying SiOO:X treatment to planned dressed surfaces is not recommended.

Whether you are a private customer with an individual project or a contractor with a large project, your treatment needs can be met. The advantages of factory treatment are significant. When a large quantity of timber needs to be treated to tight deadlines and to meet conformance requirements, factory treatment comes into its own. Even more so when construction and assembly are taking place over the winter months and in difficult weather conditions.


Sioo:x precoated decking can be purchased from Britton Timbers who have industrial factory coating equipment.
Onsite or hand applied treatment works well if applied to professional standards, the timber must be prepared properly through Sioox prewash and sanding.

For availability and specialist advice please see our specialist stockists.


Our timber species are different to other timber species in the world. Give us a call and we can discuss our testing and case study on various species.

The performance of Sioo:x coatings will vary from one timber species to another and will not be suitable for some species at all. It is important to select an exterior timber with Class 1 or 2 durability.

Low shrinkage and stable species will ensure greater longevity and performance of Sioo:x, or any other coating system. Any timber species intended to be coated with Sioo:x should be tested and approved by Sioo:x, Abodo Wood or a Distributor for adequate performance of the coating on that particular species. Proven application on projects is also beneficial.

Water is the activating factor.

Once the SiOO:X impregnation system has been applied, when exposed to moisture the mineral silicate in the impregnated timber substrate begins to cure by reacting with atmospheric carbon. During this curing reaction a network of silica crystals starts to be formed and this process continues for up to three years. The result is that the timber surface is toughened and an even accelerated weathering takes place.

This is a permanent change.

The cure rate is timber species and temperature dependent and will proceed very slowly in cold exterior conditions.

Parts that are covered or which cannot be exposed to rain will take a more time before they are fully grey. They will get there. These parts can be soaked with water using a garden sprayed rubbed in with a soft brush to speed the crystallisation. Repeat several times.

Usually it takes 4-8 weeks for the parts that are exposed to rain to change colour.

Our product requires that it is exposed to rain and moisture to activate the silicon in the liquid. The formed silica networks are what make the surface a beautiful grey and velvety. This takes place over a period of about 4-8 weeks depending on the weather.

SiOO:X Impregnation forms a protective and dirt-repellent layer in the wood surface. When it is wet and dirt falls on the surface, a little green or black algae can grow on the surface. Black dots are usually dirt which can be brushed off. There is usually much less of this on SiOO:X treated wood. The wood is protected from algae penetration.

It should be understood that green algae and black algae can grow on almost anything, even metal and stone. When you use the SiOO:X Maintenance Wash, the algae very easily washes off the surface with a brush and hose. Avoid using a pressure washer. If you wash very heavily, you may need to add some SiOO:X Premium Surface Protector to reseal the surface. In severe cases of algae formation, stronger agents should be used to remove it. The SiOO:X Premium Wood Protector itself has a strong cleaning action and can be applied to remove severe cases of algae and staining. Rub/apply the Premium Wood Protector onto the affected area and leave to soak. Wipe away any sediment and leave to dry. Apply a coat of SiOO:X Premium Surface Protector to the cleaned area.

See: cleaning of extractives and black/grey spore

Yes, SiOO:X is non-toxic and entirely environmentally friendly.

Up to 2 years for horizontal surfaces and up to 5-7 years for vertical surfaces.

For light surface damage apply the SiOO:X Premium Surface Protector locally. Where the integrity of the surface has been breached apply both the SiOO:X Premium Wood Protector and the SiOO:X PremiumSurface Protector locally. The surface will evenly grey again after a few months.

Weathering Example notes

Sioo:x reacts with moisture and carbon dioxide to cure over 1-3 years depending on the project application, timber species and weather conditions. The curing process does not rely on UV radiation from the sun. As curing progresses there will be a gradual change of colour with the timber initially brightening to a light whitewash tone, usually within six months, then gradually darkening to mid-grey ‘weathered’ tones.

Traditional coating products fade with exposure to UV from the sun resulting in the problem of uneven weathering to different faces of a building. For example, upper sections of an exterior wall with an eave will not be exposed to UV and will keep its initial colour, compared to the base of the same wall that will fade and grey off due to exposure to UV.

Sioo:x solves this problem. As Sioo:x cures it maintains a uniform tone across all faces of the building regardless of exposure to UV. More protected areas such as under eaves may take a little longer to cure however over time the colour tone will be even and uniform throughout.

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