Britton Timbers newly-appointed state manager Martin Jones says Britton's major investment in infrastructure and stock at its Brisbane facility is paying dividends.

Martin, who has a long history of sales management in the timber industry with firms such as Auspine and FrenchPine, sees huge potential for Brittons in the Queensland market.

“The investment Britton’s has made in warehousing, the new kiln and increased stock levels means we are in a unique position to supply a huge range of timbers to market quickly and efficiently. Britton’s is in the Queensland market for the long haul and customers are now seeing that.”

Martin says that Tasmanian timbers and imported species such as American White Oak are being imported directly to the Brisbane warehouse, and this means delivery to the customer is even faster.

“We now dry New Guinea Rosewood and NSW hardwoods here in Brisbane and this means we have a wide variety of timber species that are consistent in quality and ‘ready to go’ to customers all over Queensland.”