From the students at Freshwater Senior Campus located in Northern Beaches Sydney. After such a challenging year 7 furniture students from Ben Percy's class were still able to produce incredible masterpieces in their final school year.

These students had the opportunity to use Tasmanian Blackwood Standard Grade supplied by Britton Timbers.

It is with great pleasure to annouce the winners for the Major Projects Award judged by Britton Timbers staff.

Best Overall Design & Craftmanship – Ollie O’Rourke (Carbatec $500)

Most Creative Design – Harry Smith (Carbatec $250)

Ollie O’Rourke the winner of the Best Overall Design & Craftmanship intended to make a modern 20’s Century chair deeply inspired by the danish innovations of the chair conveying a combination of comfort and style.

Harry Smith the winner of Most Creative Design initally intended on producing a guitar before later shifting towards an entertainment unit which aimed to fuse to popular aesthetic styles of modern and Scandinavian into a retro style blend.

Ollie O’Rourke

Harry Smith

“The use of sustainably sourced Australian Timbers is key toward preserving the natural resources helping maintain an inter-generational availability of timber for use om furniture making such as Tasmanian Blackwood used in my major project.” – Harry Smith.