The Senol Property Group dreams big — and they wanted their potential clients to understand what might be possible. Enter Britton Timber’s Paul Cauchi and American Walnut. Senol Group MD Rustu Senol says it was all about image.

“We wanted new customers to see how we think about timber and design, and there was no better place to introduce clients to our thinking than our new headquarters in suburban Carlton.”

Rich American Walnut was the timber of choice for the fit-out of the 1990’s building, and it was to be used for everything — roof trusses, ceilings, staircases, office furniture — the works.

Britton Timber’s Paul Cauchi met with Senol’s in-house architects and the discussion was all about choosing the right timber for the challenging design brief.

"Senol had a great idea, but the challenge was to choose a durable, great-looking timber that had the required intrinsic strength and versatility. We knew American Walnut was the right timber and Senol agreed. The results bear out our confidence."

Rustu Senol agrees. “Potential customers come to our premises and are actually shocked by the design and stunning use of timber. They understand immediately what we can do for them.”

American Walnut is a big-seller for Britton Timbers, who carry Australia’s largest selection of American hardwoods.

"American Walnut is a beautiful timber and can be used for a variety of purposes," says Paul Cauchi. "For Senol’s intricate joinery we were also able to recommend craftsmen who understood the exacting requirements. Take a look at the wave ceiling, the boxed staircase and the roof truss panels — all beautifully side and end-joined."

Rustu’s Senol Group has established an enviable reputation and it’s easy to see why — they have vision, and collaborate with the right suppliers to deliver exciting projects. Of the American Walnut fit-out, Rustu sums it up when he says, “It’s already bringing-in business.”