Two Brothers Café in Melbourne's suburban Mitcham competes with the best in the city. How? The recipe is simple: great food and coffee, friendly service and a unique, warm environment for friends to meet and chat. What more could you want?

The two brothers – Craig and Mark Wilson, had a clear vision for what they wanted in their café. From the moment the premises were gutted to make way for their café, they wanted a warm and funky, bespoke feel to the décor. Australian Wormy Chestnut filled the bill.

"Wormy Chestnut is unique," Mark Wilson says. "Our Britton Timbers rep told us that no two pieces of Wormy are quite the same, and he was right. You can see the ravages of time and harsh weather in wormy. The story of its survival in harsh landscape is etched into every piece. We get lots of great comments about it."

Britton Timber’s Chris Mills says Wormy Chestnut from Auswest had the character and durability Two Brothers needed. “Mark and Craig have used it extensively as it is such a versatile timber. It’s on the walls, counters and chairs in the café and it forms the basis of the fantastic family dining area out the back.”

Two Brothers Café is an urban success story that has sprung from the owners knowing what their customers want and then exceeding those expectations. This café feels right – and that’s down to the clever use of Wormy Chestnut and its ability to add richness and depth – just like the perfect crema on a Two Brothers coffee.