Britton Timbers as the Abodo east coast distribution partner advise that in the month of April, Abodo will be conducting a webinar series of in-depth timber topics. The three-part webinar series will be run across multiple April dates covering the following topics.


Tuesday : 1pm to 2pm

  • 14/04/20
  • 21/04/20
  • 28/04/20

Abodo will be covering why timber is such a key material for the future of building and design, human well-being and sustainability.

In this 60-minute webinar, Key topics include:

  • Current building material impacts
  • Timber benefits
  • Human well-being
  • Current sourcing
  • Certification

Wednesday: 1pm to 2pm

  • 15/04/20
  • 22/04/20
  • 29/04/20

Learn what you need to know about designing and specifying exterior timber with confidence.

In this 60-minute webinar, Key topics include:

  • Timber genetics and movement
  • Design and detailing
  • Design for fire
  • Building types, applications, BAL and regulations
  • Coating systems and maintenance

Thursday: 1pm to 2pm

  • 16/04/20
  • 23/04/20
  • 30/04/20

Abodo will cover timber certification systems, and the latest technologies giving us high performing and sustainable timber solutions.

In this 60-minute webinar, Key topics include:

  • Timber and the circular economy
  • Timber and building performance standards
  • Timber types and species
  • Drying and processing
  • Timber technologies and treatments