For travellers entering Australia's airports, the distinctive, familiar décor of Bar Roma is a welcome sight. The warm and classically Italian Bar Roma cafes are a haven for the weary who just want great coffee and pizza in cozy, yet cosmopolitan surroundings. It's no accident of course that Bar Roma wins so many hearts - it's a design thing.

Bar Roma outlets are fitted-out to exact specifications and in the case of the Sydney and Brisbane airport cafés, the warmth and character of Tallowwood from Britton Timbers was the key.

Britton Timber’s Peter Warr said that to create the atmosphere for which Bar Roma outlets are known, the timber chosen for the fit-out had to be warm and inviting.

"Tallowwood is essentially a blonde timber but it has an almost indefinable richness. It's homely, but sits well in a contemporary environment. We supplied select grade tallowwood for the table tops, joinery and wine barrel furniture."

Bar Roma traditional trattoria-style outlets feature lounges, dining areas and café style seating. Avoiding the ‘plastic’ look of so many airport outlets is important to Bar Roma as is using sustainably-produced timbers with a natural finish. It all adds up to great comfort and style proving once again that timber has universal appeal.

Next time you’re in Sydney or Brisbane, grab ten minutes and relax at Bar Roma – admire the thoughtful design and the carefully chosen timbers that have resulted from close collaboration between a top designer and an experienced, trusted timber supplier.